How are we doing this?

What personal data am I giving away?

We’re not asking about your name, e-mail, telephone number. If you want to get the results, you may subscribe to our single-shot newsletter, but you may do that even if you don’t fill out our survey.

How will you treat my answers?

Your data will be collected and analyzed on our systems, based on Google products like Google Forms and Google spreadsheet, and both your aggregated data and your raw data will be available for the general public. If, when collecting your data, we feel that some information may give away a subject’s identity (e.g. open-form questions), we won’t release that data to the general public, but such data may still be available for inspection for Georgia Tech students and instructors, on private systems.

Notifications for results

We’re using Mailchimp to handle our newsletter, in order to notify you when the results are available. We’ll delete the newsletter once we’ve sent the notifications.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Cookies, analytics, etc.

We’re using Google Analytics to keep track of how many users visit our website, just to make a bit of connections between how many visits we receive and how many surveys get filled out. We won’t use Analytics to correlate who’s visiting the website and who took a survey in a certain instant.

The retention period for Google Analytics data is 14 months, the minimum amount we could set it to.